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Hand-made assembling

We assemble your product…
…an extensions to your work bench

Your product is safe in experienced hands –

hand-made is efficient and reliable.

Due to our high-performance level and reliability we are an established partner for many companies who assemble parts during their processing.

Whether high quality toys or simple parts – we have the knowledge and can achieve your requirements accurately.

  • We assemble plastic toys and test their functionality.
  • We combine wooden parts to high quality toys.
  • We finish metal parts in high quantities.
  • We inspect and assort prefabricated plastic and metal parts.

Hand-made: you can count on us for large and small projects .

You can rely on our service –

Excellent customer service and professional workmanship.

We supply well qualified employees.

The output is controlled and the results are recorded.

Our experienced management secures a smooth workflow.

Our English speaking employees assure that the processing is done exactly as you have requested.

Hand-made: offers greater benefit to your product.

With hand-made you can –

Respond to the state of the market.

The pressure to reduce costs is increasing

  • We offer you reliable service for favourable costs.

You do not need to extend the amount of labour in-house?

  • We offer you additional capacity.

You have high quality requirements?

  • Talk to us and we will convince you of our efficiency.

Hand-made: Our strength is to help you service your clients better.

Handling and Logistics –

We are reliable and punctual.

The processing is planned and supervised in detail.

We always provide the facilities to handle your order.

We keep you informed about the process all the way through. Our friendly staff will advise you any time you like.

If requested, we can handle the overall logistics including the delivery directly to your customer. If needed, we are also capable to store even large amounts of products.

Hand-made: a partner you can rely on.

Your Product:

  • We pick it up.
  • We process it.
  • We deliver it to the point.

Our Service:

  • Is based on more than 10 years of experience.
  • Is crucial for many of our customers.
  • Will impress you too.

Your Opportunity:

  • You can count on us.
  • We increase your capacity.
  • We are a reliable business partner.

Our Team:

  • Assures that everything runs smoothly.
  • Reacts fast and is flexible.
  • Sometimes achieves the impossible.

      We are looking forward to work with you.

                              Try our service:

     Ask us for an offer or a proposal at any time.

           hand-made - your partner in service