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Hand-made finishing

We collate all your printings…
…and increase its value and effectiveness

Your product will benefit by our experienced -

We are efficient and creative.

Due to our high-performance level and reliability we are an established partner for many companies within the print and advertising industry.

Our employees are experienced in mastering even complicated jobs perfectly well.

Here at hand-made we have vast experience in…

  • Filling files and folders.
  • Folding and gluing high-quality folders.
  • Putting eyelets on turntables.
  • Precise attachments on samples.
  • Assembling of ‘pop-up’ literature.

…and many more services.

Hand-made: you can count on us for small and big challenges.

Our service is at your disposal –

Team-oriented and flexible.

On projects where time is tight we will have up to 400 employees working on your order.

We provide suitable materials for the processing.

Based on your requirements we provide you with a detailed timetable for a delivery to the point.

Our English speaking employees ensure that the processing is done exactly as you ordered.

Hand-made: we are the specialists you can rely on.

Hand-made offers you customised service and is able to adapt to every situation

You face constant effort to reduce costs.

  • We can offer reliable service at favourable cost.

You are not having the staff capacity to meet a high demand on manual work?

  • We offer you capacity and by so helping to increase your profit.

Hand-made: your benefit is our strength.

Handling and Logistics –

We are reliable and punctual.

We provide detailed planning and supervision of the processing.

We keep you informed about the process all the way through. Our friendly staff will advise you any time you like.

If requested, we can handle the overall logistics including the delivery directly to your customer. If needed, we are also capable to store even large amounts of products.

Hand-made: a partner you can rely on.

Your Product:

  • We pick it up.
  • We process it.
  • We deliver it to the point .

Our Service:

  • Is based on more than 10 years of experience.
  • Is crucial for many of our customers .
  • Will impress you too.

Your Opportunity:

  • You can count on us.
  • We increase your capacity .
  • We are a reliable business partner.

Our Team:

  • Assures that everything runs smoothly.
  • Reacts fast and flexible.
  • Can achieve what could seem impossible.

      We are looking forward to work with you.

                              Try our service:

     Ask us for an offer or a proposal at any time.

           hand-made - your partner in service