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Hand-made packaging and shipping

We pack or repack your product…
…and deliver it to its destination

Your product will benefit by our experience –

We are responsible and reactive.

For over 10 years, hand-made is an established and reliable partner providing packaging and shipping services. Whether a promotion activity, the delivery of information leaflets or the complete delivery of goods – we assemble, pack and ship according to your requests.

  • Our work commences with the incoming goods control.
  • We store your product – in a reliable and secure situation.
  • We repack in cartons, foils or envelopes.
  • Our staff will be trained specifically to the requirements of your product.

Hand-made: We are the partner for full-service solutions.

Our service is at your disposal –

Contemporary and professional.

We have a large number of suitably qualified employees.

You determine time and extent of service.

We take care of warehousing and logistics.

Our German, English, French and Czech speaking employees ensure that we understand each other.

Hand-made: you will feel comfortable in dealing with us.

Hand-made offers you -

A partner you can rely on.

Customer support is time-consuming and cost-intensive

  • We offer a reliable partnership at low prices.

When you are planning to invest and expand

  • We build the requirements to realise your ideas.

If you do not have enough capacity and staff.

  • We have both and are happy to offer it to you.

Or you are simply looking for a partner

  • We would love to show you our complete and efficient services.

Handling and logistics -

Hand-made is reliable and punctual.

You tell us when and where and we take care of it.

We maintain incoming goods control and keep you informed about the results.

You tell us who is getting what and when and we deal with it.

We can supply you with the necessary packing material and more, if desired.

You have specific requirements – we adjust to it.

Hand-made: we grow on our service.

Your Product:

  • Is safe with us.
  • Is handled according to your instructions.
  • Is delivered to the point and on time.

Our service:

  • Is based on more than 10 years of experience.
  • Is building good conditions for a positive working relationship.
  • Is making us virtual members of your team.
  • Is the base for mutual success .

Your Opportunity:

  • You gain more freedom for your core activities.
  • You unburden your organisation from cost-intensive activities.
  • With us you can react on market fluctuation in a very flexible way.
  • With us you have a partner for a long lasting working relationship.

Our Team:

  • Is working in close relation to you .
  • Is handling complex tasks.
  • Is young and willing to co-operate .

      We are looking forward to work with you.

                              Try our service:

     Ask us for an offer or a proposal at any time.

           hand-made - your partner in service