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Hand-made mailing

We process your mailings…
…and get it on the way to its destination

Your product will benefit by our experience –

We are responsible and reactive

Hand-made, as a supplier for international companies, is ready to support you with your mailings. We are happy to deal with small as well as large mailing-orders.

Our vast experience in mail-sorting, for many different countries with or without personalisation, is giving us the expertise to satisfy even our most pretentious customers.

  • We fold every product which could not be fold by machine.
  • We glue samples to reply cards.
  • We collect and reconcile addresses.
  • We bag the products and sort them according to post regulations.

Hand-made: we find solutions to all your problems related to mailings.

Our experience is your security –

We are trained and experienced

We realise more than 300 mailings per year, sometimes under huge pressure of time. Our trained staff members are used to the requirements related to mailings and assure the necessary preparations and checks to realise the projects.

At the time of the enquiry our customers can rely that our staff understand any associated problems and are able to overcome them.

Hand-made: we are the specialists you can rely on.

We finish your mailing fast and reliable –

Adjusted to every situation.

If you have mailings with multiple addressees -

  • Our selected staff will handle these orders.

If you are challenged to process a large number of items -

  • We offer the necessary organisation and staff capacity to handle the demand. We have more than 200 staff member who can take on such tasks.

If you are planning to outsource a part of your projects, such as merchandise purchase or label printing -

  • We take care of it and assure that everything is there on time.

Hand-made: our service is fast and complete.

Handling and Logistics –

We are reliable and just in time.

If your printings are finished, but not yet ready to be collated and distributed.

  • We take care of the storage till it is needed.

If inserts are produced at another site.

  • We organise the transport to the Czech Republic.

We also deliver to the post office or a forwarding agency, as required.

Hand-made: we deliver your info-material to your customer – on time! .

Your Product:

  • We pick it up.
  • We process it.
  • We deliver it to the point.

Our service:

  • Is resulting from more than 300 mailings per year.
  • Is the experience of employees who are with us for many years now.
  • Is mirrored in high customer satisfaction.

Your Opportunity:

  • You order today – we begin tomorrow.
  • We assign up to 400 employees to your project.
  • Our planning will meet your schedules.

Our Team:

  • Assures that even complicated mailings will reach their destination.
  • Your product will be supervised at all times.
  • Delivery to the point and on time has high priority.

      We are looking forward to work with you.

                              Try our service:

     Ask us for an offer or a proposal at any time.

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